Engineering services

Control Process provides comprehensive engineering and design services for companies executing investments related to the development of conventional and unconventional natural gas deposits. Capital Group Control Process includes company dedicated to providing engineering services for the crude oil and natural gas sector:  Biuro Projektów NAFTA-GAZ Sp. z o.o. (year of establishment: 1960), furthermore, the Control Process S.A. has its own design studios employing dozens of designers with considerable experience in the design of facilities for this sector. Generally, Control Process Capital Group employs about 280 engineers. The range of Control Process services in the field of engineering works related with the development of shale gas includes:

• preparing an application for the grant of licenses for the exploration and production of natural gas,
• preparing formal and legal documentation related to conduct of the investment process,
• consultation and technical advice,
• study, conceptual and planning works,
• preparing technical concepts and feasibility studies for investments,
• preparing geodetic surveying grid,
• preparing reports of project impact on the environment,
• process engineering,
• comprehensive performing design works for all sectors,
• basic designs, detailed designs of objects,
• steel structure workshop projects,
• bill of quantities, investment cost estimates,
• preparing documentation for approval of Office of Technical Inspection and notified bodies,
• preparing tender documentation for the assembly of equipment and apparatus,
• direct completion and delivery of equipment and apparatus,
• acting as a contract engineer,
• carrying out investor's supervision.


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