Gas processing facilities

Control Process Capital Group has in its structure the design offices, which are specialized in process engineering and designing, and also the companies specialized in assembly and prefabrication, can provide to investors all kinds of installation for gas treatment (gas processing facilities). Possessing assembly halls with an area of over 86 000 ft2 located throughout the Poland, experienced staff and modern transportation equipment, we can provide comprehensive design, prefabrication, assembly and start-up of the following types of installation on shale gas mines:

• wellsites,
• gas dehydration systems and glycol regeneration units,
• amine units,
• mole sieve units,
• gas compression units (driven by: gas engine, turbine, electric engine),
• separation units (2-phase and 3-phase), 
• fractionation units,
• low temperature separation units,
• storage tanks and bullets,
• heat exchangers,
• adsorption units,
• slug-catchers,
• pipelines and inlet manifolds,
• filtration units,
• flow metering unit,
• blending stations,
• flares,
• cogeneration units producing heat and electricity based on gas engines,
• water treatment stations,
• auxiliary installations: pipe rack, power and control installations, protection systems.


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