About Control Process

Company profile


Control Process S.A. is one of leading companies, that realize in the turnkey system, specialistic investments of building construction. Having shares in several specialistic subsidiaries, Control Process is in the forefront of the Capital Group, setting the company as one of the main entities of this type in the country which provide complex construction-engineering services for the most important economy fields in Poland:
- extraction, processing, transport and oil & natural gas storage,
- production, distribution and division of electric power and heat energy,
- objects serving for environmental protection,
- industrial installations and infrastructure objects.



The brand of Control Process was created in 1991, when the actual president of the company – Mr. Marian Wiatr founded the company: Automation and Survey company FAIP Control Process S.C. The company at the beginning of its business activity was engaged in engineering, assembling and commissioning of automation and survey installations. Later on the company expanded its activity on engineering, construction and commissioning of complex industrial installations. Since the beginning the company has been focused on supplying and implementing high-tech technologies. The success of the company is based on its own and highly qualified staff responsible for design&engineering. Control Process company constantly increases its own potential by development of the company by creating and acquisition of new entities which spread the range of specialist services for operating of industrial sector. 


Having adequate technical and economical facilities, another significant point in the history of Control Process was the beginning of investment realization in the system of General Contracting which was initiated in 2003. 

The first projects performed in the ‘’turnkey system’’ were done for extraction industry of natural gas and oil. 


Current Capital Group of Control Process

Capital Group of Control Process comprises several companies of engineering & construction profile, that hire around 1000 people in Poland. The capital group realized series of projects in the system of General Contracting in all important branches of the economy:
- oil and gas mines, gas compressor stations, gas storages,
- cogeneration power plants, substations, transmission lines,
- wastewater treatment plants and solid waste management plants,
- industrial buildings, and infrastructure of public utility buildings.
Currently Control Process is well known and valued brand on the specialist construction market. We are the prizewinners of many prestigious business awards relating to the quality of our services and the efficiency of conducted business activity. Our success we owe to the consequence in pursuance to provide complex services fulfilling our client’s requirements.