Turnkey solutions for gas industry

We are a leading provider of solutions for the sectors of crude oil and natural gas in Poland. We execute a comprehensive facilities for professional companies involved in the extraction, transport, storage and treatment of hydrocarbons. As Control Process Capital Group, which includes: design offices, construction and installation companies, specialised technological companies (industrial IT, power engineering, telecommunications engineering, manufacturing of apparatus and tanks, technological and assembly works, packaging of compression sets) we have competences and potential for self-realization of the objects in the "turnkey" formula. For investors who want to develop shale gas, we are able to provide the following solutions as EPC Contractor:

• natural gas mines,
• gas treatment plants (desulfurization, denitrification, demercuration, dehydration, etc.),
• gas stations (reducing, separating and measuring),
• gas pipelines,
• gas compressor stations,
• mixing gas stations.

The most important projects completed by the Control Process as EPC Contractor for the crude oil and natural gas in the last 10 years:

• Construction as EPC Contractor the Jarosław II gas compressor station for investment "Modernization of Jarosław gas compressor station" including: supply and installation of 5 complete gas compressors with gas engines (period of execution 02.03.2010 - 30.09.2011),
• Complete revamping of processing installations on KGZ Przemyśl-Zachód, including the construction of a new gas compressor station and the process installations (period of execution 2011-2013),
• Execution of facilities for extraction and treatment of crude oil and natural gas - near-well zones within construction of KRNiGZ Lubiatów (period of execution 2009-2013),
• Construction of the surface part of the Kosakowo underground gas storage (period of execution 2011-2013),
• Revamping of Gustorzyn gas station (period of execution 2011-2013), 
• Extension of Strachocina underground gas storage (period of execution 2009-2012), 
• Development of Jasionka II gas deposit (period of execution 2009-2010),
• Development of Kupno gas deposit (period of execution 2008-2009).


underground gas storage Kosakowo gas compressor station Jarosław gas station Gustorzyn