Shale gas news - details

Works on a hydrocarbon special act project 02/03/15

The Ministry of the Treasury announced, that hydrocarbon special act project which make easier for example looking for shale gas, Polish Government should  pass in a first quarter of this year. However Ministry of the Environment submitted their remarks to the project of special act about special rules of preparing and realizing investments of researching, recognizing, mining and transporting of hydrocarbon.

This remarks specially concern environment protection and environmental impact assessment. Businessmen would like to avoid environment decisions stages but on the other hand there are habitants living in areas  where shale gas is mined that need to be informed that this technology is safe. We need a proper document for that – environmental impact assessment – said Deputy Minister of the Environment Stanisław Gawłowski

Last month the Treasury Department presented a new version of this special act project that aroused some reservations of Environment Department last year. The Ministry of the Treasury respected a part of a Ministry of Environment remarks. For example the period to pass environmental decision was extended from 45 to 60 days. A part of remarks wasn’t considered by treasure department officials.

For example they kept rules about issue a decision in a case of temporary excluding lands from farming or forest production in 14 days by the day of application. They didn’t resigned from settlement about a finance punishment that is applying for breaking the date of decision pass by the competent agency. It’s a 1000 PLN for a day of delay.

In spite of discrepancies  both departments emphasize necessity of adopting procedures that cut short bureaucratic procedures that length period of passing environmental or administrative decisions.

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