Shale gas news - details


Central and Eastern Europe Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015 is a two days conference and exhibition which aim is revival and reinforcement of shale gas researches.  

This conference aim is also to explore present and future capabilities for shale gas industry in Poland, attracting high range politicians, experts, companies and operators. It will take place 9 and 10 march 2015 in Radisson Blu hotel in Warsaw.

Among the speakers will be for example Dmytro Kashchuk – President of Ukrainian Geological Survey; Rob Hull – Director of Technological Solutions in Halliburton; Marek Madeja – Poland Country Manager Cuadrilla; Dr Jurga Lazauskiene – parent rock geology  president in Geological Institute in LithuaniaPaweł Poprawa – expert in unconventional gas geology,  Energy Studies Institute; Stanisław Rychlicki – Professor of  Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, Department of Oil Engineering AGH ; Dr inż. Danuta Miedzińska –Military University of Technology, a member of team working on DIOX4SHELL project; Maciej Jóźwiak –Modzelewska & Paśnik Partner; Damian Mucha – Chaieman of  Eco-Energy Solutions Foundation.

The topics of this year conference will be for example questions: how to reduce influence of gas mining for environment; technological news; promoting of investments in European shale gas; estimation of investment potential; experiences of mining companies in Poland; politician situation in Ukraine and influence for shale gas mining; mining in Romania; access to polish shale gas; meaning of shale gas in Central and Eastern Europe energetic efficiency and public opinion about shale gas.

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